Unpopular Interest

10 months. 296 days sire fly by quick. The 100 book year challenge has been attempted and left behind, which new ventures and interest has seemed to have taken over – namely fanfiction, anime, kpop and MCU movies.

There are certain emotions that are linked with reading fanfiction. To me personally, they are like any other literature I pick up, where the only difference is that I tend to already know the characters already so I’m already emotionally invested in them, and quality differs because these are amateur writers who clearly are just writing for pleasure.

To the rest of the world and other parts of the internet, it is viewed as nerdy to the most uncool degree and almost synonymous with R rated homosexual erotica. This is certainly a large community of the fanfic world, but the other parts of this are so welcoming. Everyone that’s involved are all there are a common interest, being in a common fandom with so many people around the world is a continuing lovely feeling, and that’s the beauty of the internet I guess, even if that wasn’t the intended use.

Watching japanese anime shows and listening kpop again are very niche interest, just because something are in a different language and presented in a different format, should they be seen as lesser of a form of entertainment outside their mother country? The internet again is what brings it altogether. Just like when globalisation originally initiated and global trade became the norm, we are now used to eating food grown in other climates and clothes made in other countries. If actual manual labour and days and months of ferry travel doesn’t put people off from purchasing these merchandises, why do people still find foreign music and tv programmes as weird?

There are many people like me that don’t have any friends that have the same interest and may feel shame to enjoy different interest than the norm, and while yes, this can make it a sad a lonely experience, it doesn’t make me enjoy what I like less. The fact that I can continue an ended story in more unending stories is absolutely wonderful, the amount of story arcs and emotions anime can give me in 20 minute episodes amaze me (as well as the beautiful art that goes alongside), and the quality entertainment and performances that kpop really energises my days.

It’s really sad that that I can’t share my joy with anyone at the moment, but I’m also really sad because so many people are missing such a variation in their entertainment consumption. So many stories and cultures out there that’s not just Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Marvels Comic Universe. All wonderful, but so are Harry Potter fanfics, Psycho Pass, and GFriend.

So no, I shouldn’t be ashamed of liking reading fanfics. I shouldn’t be thought of as immature to like watching anime and watching shows with subtitles. I shouldn’t be looked at weirdly when I tell others I listen to Kpop.

The question, really is why haven’t you tried it too?


BOOK REVIEW: Heartstones by Kate Glanville

picture from Goodreads on 21/07/15

Heartstones by Kate Glanville. Image from Goodreads

In this book, Phoebe has ran away from her life to a little town where her family came from after her married lover passed away. In the Irish town, Phoebe finds her grandmother’s diaries as well as friends, secrets, and a few interesting people.

Phoebe starts out as someone pretty broken, marred by a few bad choices and feeling rather lost in the world. You start off not sure what to think of her, she’s so flawed and never seems to make any decisions that does any good for her. But predictably and (welcomed), she starts to redeem herself once she arrives in the little town and drawn into a friendly pub which turns out to be the enter of the social world there. Phoebe is just human and easily relatable – because who really knows what they want to do in life really and not make any mistakes – and also manages to escape her dreaded real life to actually rebuild another one naturally, by actually communicating with other people face to face.

There’s so much charm the way the location is written, it’s beautiful in a calm and peaceful sort of way that you want in your daily life rather than a holiday spectacular. The community in the town are friendly, a few dubious and at least one really down. But most importantly, there is a familial linkage there because Phoebe’s grandmother had a small cottage by the coast (which sounds absolute perfection) where old diaries are hidden for her granddaughter to discover and a surprising person using the cottage as well.

I have read so many books that I have no memory of the plot after a short while. But this one has stayed with me and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it has a modern heroine, maybe it’s because she ran away from her real life successfully, maybe because fate has stepped up for her, maybe because she has a picturesque cottage by the sea, maybe it’s because this book made me start reading chick lit again.

Which books recently have made an unsuspecting impact for you?

Blogging 101: days 1-5

Blogging 101: Day 1 – Introduce yourself

While no email hit my inbox, luckily this is the internet and can still find the task easily enough. Though it doesn’t mean that there’s enough time in the day to write all these up. Time management is definitely something to be improved – blogging and just in general.

Who am I? A consumer of books and music, A musicals fan (I’m holding back a ‘24601’ signing moment), A Taylor Swift fan (which I’m listening to now), A person who like food and cooking a little too much, A woman, A friend, A collector of pointless information.

Why? Why not? But truthfully, it would just be interesting to log what I read, maybe music and musicals as well, or interesting experiences that I can look back on. I’m sure most people had trouble with keeping a diary, it’s not something that I’ve ever been able to be proud of when looking back, especially the odd teen ones full of anger. Maybe something public like this will keep it clean, disciplined.And I’ve heard that writing is good for the soul and all that jazz. I’d be surprised if I make it to a year really.

Planning anything? There will be some sort of organisation, I’m hoping. Keeping to certain days of posts, try to write a review for each book I read, musical I see, new activities when I try

Blogging 101: Day 2 – Say Your Name

This I game some thought already when the blog was originally created – tagline wise, I hop from quote to quote, it’ll keep changing.

Blogging 101: Day 3 – Say Hello To The Neighbours

Howdy neighbour! I didn’t realise how difficult it is to try to stick to just a few direct subjects, considering how many different routes you can go down the rabbit hole on the World Wide Web, how does one decide?

I started on the simple subject of books/reading/literature, and it’ll naturally branch out from there. More importantly, I must steer away from too many pop culture posts that will lead it too different a direction. Here’s to self control!

Blogging 101: Day 4 – Identify Your Audience

I shall cheat here, as I’m writing this post already which have turned out to be much longer than anticipated. I will however post a couple of teaser photos below to a couple of up coming posts (which should be a drive for posts to be done this coming week):

Anything For Her by Jack Jordan

Blogging 101: Day 5 – Love Your Theme

Done and done, and on my way to The Commons to have a look around now.

Week one down, and I wonder if the coming week will allow for a bit more free time? And the funniest thing I found from this post is that the word ‘blogging’ apparently isn’t already a word automatically.

13 books behind schedule

The book challenges on Goodreads are just that – challenging. My challenge to myself is 100 books for the year, which may seem a lot, but since I read so quickly, there’s no point really to set it to a book a week or something, because I’ll reach that probably way too quickly. 

Saying that though, I have failed the year before last and had to make up some numbers by reading some mangas, and still fell short of the hundred mark. 

This year, i will not cheat, mangas will still be read but not included. Literature with many words are the goal. I was 13 books behind a few days ago, and have managed to blitzed through 6 books in 5 days. One of which I forgot to sleep and thought of a book blog in a sleep deprived state. There were 2 series which I couldn’t stop myself from clicking to the next page on my kindle;

My Japanese Husband STILL Thinks I’m Crazy and The Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo by Grace Buchele Mineta

Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo

Someone Else’s Fairytale, Nobody’s Damsel, and The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf by E.M. Tippetts


And a little fluffy romance – The Bookshop on the Corner by Rebecca Raison

I first discovered Grace in her YouTube channel ‘Texan in Tokyo‘ which was so charming, and was no surprised that it transfers to her comics. Her little snippets of her life with her husband and life in Japan is super adorable and fun, with some written information about Japanese culture as well as views on life which I have always adhered by but could never put into words. ‘Good Enough’ is pretty much the best mantra to live by in a content and self affirmed way in my humbled opinion.

The other ones are just wonder romantic reads… The Bookshop was fluffy, a stereotypical chick lit which didn’t have the greatest depth in storyline, but the main character of Sarah Smith was relatable to a bookworm like me, and was lovely to live out a short life of having a tall handsome man that understands your bookish ways to sweep you off your feet. Who doesn’t like that?

The series by E.M. Tippets were similar, relatable main female character with a Hollywood star who suddenly just falls head over heels in love. What’s more enticing is their interaction, they’re realistic – communications struggles and the ups and downs of relationships, but you can feel their devotion to one another. Then there’s the crime back story that spans 3 books that balanced out the fluff well, and gives the books so much emotion that you can’t help but root for them. They’re the best kind of books.

So that’s still 9 books behind schedule… Onwards and upwards!

Ideas from slumber

Once in a while, I start reading a new book at midnight and forget that I have to sleep even on a working week night. Clever idea it may not be but I always enjoy this time because it means I literally have a book that I can’t put down. And so, after watching some youtube videos and binge reading a couple of books within the 24 hours, I decided that a blog is the best idea ever in my tired mind.

So here it is, welcome to my library in my little world!